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Ben and Mike take you on a podcast voyage back through the one of the greatest TV shows Fox ever canceled.

We're Ben and Mike and we love Futurama! We watch each episode and then discuss what we like or dislike about it. We are also prone to getting on some pretty out there tangents, like when the episode Raging Bender got us to design our own saw-oriented Battlebot, or when we discovered that A-1 Steak Sauce has raisin paste in it. We don't take things too seriously.

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What is the theme song to the show?
- The song is called Rushbubble and is by Machinimasound. Their music is available to listen to for free, so if you like our intro, check out their other music!

Are you affiliated with Futurama, Fox, or Comedy Central?
- Okay, nobody has ever actually asked us that. But we would like to reiterate that this podcast is in no way affiliated with the show. We're just big fans.

Why did you grade [particular episode] so poorly? You said you love Futurama!
- We do! Some episodes are just better than others, and all episodes are graded within the scope of Futurama as a whole. The very rare episode might be given an F, but these are for the few times that we feel Futurama made a particularly bad misstep and is not just a bad episode of Futurama, but a bad episode of television.

But I like the episode(s) you said were bad!
- That's great! We're not here to tell you not to like an episode. Much like a whale biologist, we just call 'em like we see 'em.

Who are you guys, anyway?
- We're two computer guys living in Portland. Ben works in tech support and Mike works as a programmer. Believe it or not, we're not professional podcasters! (Okay. You weren't thinking we were).

When do we get the Frysier episode?
- It's coming soon. We promise.

Ben and Mike are two friends who love Matt Groening's often cancelled sci-fi cartoon, Futurama. Together, they embark on yet-another rewatch of the show and discuss the good, the bad, and the horribly dated aspects of the adventures of the Planet Express crew.

Ben and Mike make me laugh from the "horrible opening bit" to "grades". If there are other Futurama podcasts I don't want to know about them!
-iTunes review (Chex926, Feb 7, 2018)

I finally feel like I've found fans with the right mentality/appreciation for Futurama. Please keep going!
-iTunes review (Lillianelainem, Dec 27 2017)

But I think the best part of the show is when they honestly assess each episode of Futurama, whether that's through the grade or just through discussion of some of its weaknesses.
-iTunes review (Patventure Time, May 23 2018)